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Product Code Product Description Price
SM211GT SMEV Mini-Oven / Grill£ 236.74
SM300FT SMEV S/S Oven (no grill), e.ign, black lamp£ 207.73
SM311FGT SMEV S/S Oven with grill, e.ign, black lamp£ 281.40
SM311GTR Smev Oven, Grill & Rotisserie with e.ign & lamp£ 264.38
SM555 SMEV S/S Mini Grill Cabinet£ 166.77
SM311FGT4 S/S Oven, grill & 4 burner hob, e.ign, black lamp£ 382.13
SM333FGT2 SMEV S/S Oven, grill & 2 burner hob£ 469.30
SM335FGT3 SMEV S/S Oven, grill & 3 burner hob£ 363.17
SM400 SMEV 4 Burner Hob Grill Oven & Warming Drawer£ 542.76
SM401 SMEV 4 Burner Hob Grill and Oven, e.ign b/lamp£ 518.36
SM402 SMEV 4 Burner Hob and Grill Stainless£ 285.80

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